What Kind of Toilet Bowl Should You Go For?

It would be too easy to say go with the toilet bowl that works the best since not everyone understands all of the functions of a good toilet bowl. There is so much that goes into selecting the proper bowl on a company side that the customer would be overwhelmed with the process.

Thankfully when it gets out of production, the process of choosing a bowl is somewhat simplified for the buyer. 

There are main components to pay close attention to when deciding on a bowl, right down to the simple decision of materials.

The actual materials will be the easiest part since most toilets use the same materials, but the complicated part will be what additional features are implemented to make the bowls a must-buy for you.

Here is a short guide detailing what to look for when deciding on a toilet bowl.


This is actually the least important part but is covered because of the additional features that make it worth a look.

Most toilets are made of porcelain, or Vitreous China, while there are also ceramic toilets. There hasn’t been a material to dethrone porcelain for toilets and probably won’t be for a while.

It is durable, reliable, and doesn’t give at the most inopportune time. And from a production standpoint, it is cheap to make. So if toilets all use the same porcelain what makes one stand out from the other?

Features. Different brands use different types of barriers, whether it is a fusion material like Sanigloss that works great as a finish or the more popular Ever Clean that adds smoothness and a nice glaze.

This same material that is on the outside of the toilet is also on the inside, so when waste hits the inside of the bowl you want it to have as good a barrier as possible to avoid streaks and the need for extra flushes.

A good finish wards off oils and other harmful chemicals coming from the body so that the inside of your toilet stays cleaner longer.


Not all the time, but most of the time a toilet’s outward size will have a direct effect on the bowl size.

This can be tricky, and can only be confirmed by direct measurements. If this is too much of a hassle, then you can safely assume that most of the time a larger toilet means a larger bowl.

You can take that information to heart when deciding on what type of toilet to get, as it will play a big role in the final decision.

Now, remember that just because the bowl is bigger that doesn’t mean that it flushes better. For a good indicator of good flushing toilets that can get the most waste down in the bowl then have a look at the trap portion of the article below.


Starting with a toilet that has a good finish, the next important thing with the bowl is looking at how the water cleans the bowl when flushed.

Brands have become really creative with this process, with some of the newer technology simulating a cyclone that thoroughly cleans the toilet in one sweeping 360 motion.

Some toilets just use two powerful jets that are well-placed and blast the toilet with full coverage while simultaneously pulling the waist down. Others have adjustable jets so that you can cover whatever area of the bowl you feel necessary.

All of these self-cleaning methods have advantages and disadvantages, but their primary focus is to clean the bowl of waste.

All of these methods are sound but are useless if the toilet now doesn’t have a good finish.

So remember, you always want a good finish to go with the tandem of a good self-cleaning smart toilet. You can’t have one without the other and expect the bowl to remain pristine.

Trap Size

Ever had a clogged toilet?

Don’t instantly blame the water pressure! It could be due to a smallish trap. But it isn’t a small trap on its own that causes a clog.

Remember the earlier information about good finishes and toilets that are good at self-cleaning?

You can’t see it, but a toilet that isn’t really good at cleaning the bowl will develop gunk or even a backlog in the trap area.

This is completely out of sight and it is something that is easy to miss. Combine that with weak water pressure and a small trap and you are fighting a losing battle.

Choosing a bowl with a nice-sized trap is one of many things that will keep you from dealing with a clogged toilet.


It’s really not that hard to pick out the right bowl, and if you follow this guide it gets easier. A combination of these features will make for an excellent bowl and one that you won’t regret buying. You can also read our toilet buying guide here.

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