One Piece or Two Piece: Which Toilet Should I Choose?

When choosing between these two types of toilets it can become a little bit off-putting for some users.

This is because they are trapped in the mindset that a one-piece toilet has a lot of disadvantages to the older and proven two-piece system.

This is actually so far from the truth that it’s amusing since 1 piece toilets are not only the future, but they are a complete overhaul to a system that was flawed, to begin with. 

The newer design of 1 piece toilets not only allows for a more versatile toilet design for smaller bathrooms but it allows for some of the best customization options. Below are some good reasons why a 1 piece toilet is the superior option.

Pros of One Piece

Ever have the joy of ordering a two-piece toilet and having each piece arrive separately? This doesn’t seem too bad, that is unless the two pieces arrive a week apart from each other.

A lot of customers that are buying toilets will end up installing them themselves, which means they will probably do it in their free time.

Busier customers will even take time off from work to complete this task, and will not be too happy if one piece of the toilet arrives on the day they took off to install it.

This problem is resolved by the one-piece system that is ready to go and is shipped as is.

Without worrying about two pieces arriving separately, your time isn’t wasted and frustration is avoided. Another plus about this is actually not talked about, and it is that the shipping cost is lower for the company.

With the money saved on shipping brands are allowed to offer competitive pricing with what is considered expensive 1 piece solutions. With these savings passed on to the customer, everyone wins in the end.

A one-piece system is easier to clean since it doesn’t have any hard-to-clean crevices like a 2 piece.

Bacteria not only grows in areas where you can see, but in those small spaces, you can’t even get to.

So those areas on a 2 piece that you weren’t able to clean because they were so tucked away becomes a breeding ground for germs, and could develop some really disgusting materials if left unchecked.

No matter how good you clean there are some areas on a 2-piece toilet that you can’t clean, a problem that a 1-piece solution doesn’t have.

Customers will save a couple of inches by purchasing a 1 piece due to its better profile. A few extra inches can go a long way in a tight spot in a small bathroom and could make or break the purchase for the customer.

Half bathrooms will benefit the most from one-piece toilets when it comes to space, and users will be more comfortably seated no matter what size they are.

A big plus with the one-piece system is that since they are fairly new most of them are more up-to-date with ADA guidelines and other practices.

Even if the one you purchase isn’t ADA-approved, it is guaranteed to be more comfortable than any two pieces you can get of the same value.


In this case, the 2 piece toilet finally has a win for the consumer. Since one-piece toilets are the newer technology, they fetch a higher price.

This doesn’t even take into account the better and more durable mechanics embedded in them. This will change over time as the 2 piece systems run their course and eventually die out of the industry.

But since they are already installed in so many places as is, and with sales still steady, 2 piece toilets aren’t going anywhere soon.

They will be around for a while, and their final swan song may be years away. It will be a gradual decline, and along the way that will be helped by the falling prices of 1 piece toilets.

The funny thing is that both of these products old and new are competitively priced for the most part, with some extraordinary differences in pricing only showing themselves on the higher-end models.

The disparity isn’t as alarming as you might think, so why not spend a couple of extra bucks for an updated 1 piece model?


Customers may still gravitate towards two-piece toilets because of familiarity, but it is clear that the best toilet choice is going to be 1 piece toilets. They offer a range of superior features that really fit in with today’s age and the only thing really holding them back is price. Once the price dips lower more people will find them more attractive, and the market will go from being in favor of both to being solely a 1 piece market.

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