About Us

Hello. My name is Charlie Jones. I have been in the home improvement industry for a number of years.

One of the most important renovations that homeowners can make is a bathroom upgrade. Not only does it add significant value to your home, but it also costs a fair amount to do.

Bathroom renovations are not frequently undertaken so choosing your sanitaryware can be source of enjoyment or regret for years to come.

This is definitely the case for toilets. The industry has grown over the years and manufacturers have been hard at work designing innovative flushing systems that use much less water but evacuate the bowl more effectively.

Today, there is a toilet to meet the needs of any household and the choices are staggering. From standard seat heights to round or oval seats/bowls, the toilets on offer today boast traditional or contemporary styles to complement any home. 

Modern toilets boast features that we could only have dreamt about a couple of decades ago. These include hands-free operation, night lights, programmable functions, and heated seats with washers and driers.

The flushing systems are just as diverse, from macerating systems to gravity-fed and composting toilets.

With all of these choices, finding the right toilet for your home can be confusing. I have put together this comprehensive toilet review to help you to consider all the available functions, brands, and features so that you can choose the right product to fit your home and your budget.

Main considerations

Your main considerations should include:

  • Brand – There are several global brands out there, each with its own market strengths. Some offer unique features and extended warranties.
  • Flushing system – The big manufacturers offer proprietary flushing systems that use a lot less water than older toilets, yet clean the bowl more effectively.
  • Design – Choose a design that fits your space. A round bowl takes up less room than an oval one and even less if it’s a tankless toilet. You can also choose a toilet that is taller than a regular toilet for greater comfort. One or two-piece toilets are also standard.
  • Materials – Many of the toilets that we reviewed boast glazed finishes that reduce dirt and bacteria left behind, leaving the bowl hygienically clean.
  • Special features – Motion detectors that open the seat and flush the toilet, night lights, heated seats, and washer/driers come standard with some of the toilets that we reviewed.

Read the guide and make your choices carefully, and you’ll enjoy years of clean comfort with a stately and functional throne.